Monday, November 10, 2008

Update on Update

There has been a delay in updating the site, sorry about that. For my regular readers, thankyou for your continued feedback and support. The three of us (myself plus the two new editors) have agreed on the following:

1. To have a special section devoted to racism in Australia, as it was agreed by all that Australia is part of Asia, at least by Geography.
2. A profile section of the three editors (myself plus AsianRacism2 and AsianRacism3) the other two editors are thinking about posting photo's, but may follow my lead and blank out our eyes for personal security reasons
3. Looking at setting up some form of 'subscriber' forum or posting system whereby regular contributors and emailers can post comments freely after a sign-up process, this would hopefully strike a balance between freedom of speech and also keeping a lid on some of the content we receive.
4. A new investigation section (more details soon)
5. A new section on Racism in India

So hang in there, loads of new stuff coming soon!